Do you want to participate in decisions made for the New England electorate?

Voices for New England is a non-party-political incorporated association with membership from across the electorate


The movement shares a desire for a more meaningful connection between the people of the New England electorate and our political process. Voices for New England has no affiliation with any political party or independent candidate and welcomes membership and participation from anyone who lives within our electorate.

The formation of Voices for New England was motivated by Voices4Indi, who were originally inspired by the work of Mary Crooks of the Victorian Women’s Trust. Both organisations used the Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) process to revitalise and energise their community.

We are now bringing Kitchen Table Conversations to the New England Electorate to gather community concerns and ideas and place these at the centre of the political process. 

Federal electoral division of New England in relation to NSW


To encourage participation by the community in the democratic process by discovering “what matters” to the electorate


Community – Welcoming engagement from people all across the community

Accountability – Upholding high standards of honesty, transparency, trust and fairness

Respect – Protecting Country (soil, water, landscape) and fostering equality through connection and tolerance

Empowerment – Communicating and listening in a positive and non-judgemental manner

‘ So what do you want to voice? ’

Kitchen Table Conversations

A Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) is an effective process in which people can express their interests, concerns and ideas — which are then captured and presented to our New England representative