Pre-election report

Somerton farmland

In the months prior to the Federal Election 2022, What Matters? New England Electorate Inc, held 28 Kitchen Table Conversations of up to 2 hours, engaging 156 people from across this large electorate.

Kitchen Table Conversations are a structured activity that is designed to revitalise and energise the community, leading to a more meaningful connection between the people of the New England electorate and our political process.

Eight questions were asked and the scribed answers are here in full (de-identified).

This report highlights the many topics raised in these conversations, and illustrates them via a series of conceptual diagrams showing the top issues raised, their frequencies and illustrative quotes from participants.

Across all of the conversations held to date the following were the most frequently raised topics:

Local and regional issues of concern
Climate change, connected issues of water and water security, energy and fossil fuels; Health, education, services and funding.  
Suggested solutions
Education about leadership, our democratic system, scientific literacy; Farming – a focus on soil; Climate action, including learning from First Peoples  
Characteristics of a good political representative
Honesty, integrity; Connection to community; Transparency; Good listener  
Ways to strengthen the relationship between people and their MP
Communication; Access/Forums; Engagement; Accountability  
Issues for next Parliamentary term
Climate change; Federal ICAC; Education; First Nations; Media reform; Refugees  
Excerpt from 2022 Pre-election report

The following report shows the wide scope of New England people’s concerns, and their suggestions to enhance our democratic process.

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