Participation is essential for a healthy democracy

Welcome to the November edition of What Matters? New England Electorate (WMNEE) Newsletter, which will be the last one for 2021. So best wishes for a healthy and happy Christmas break. However, we have big plans for early 2022.

Christmas Kitchen Table Conversations

Major Event

Given a Federal election will be held in the first half of 2022, we want to increase the spotlight on how participation is essential for a healthy democracy, and raise the profile of this Group. We are therefore putting together an event with some high-profile speakers, hopefully to take place in late January or early February. We will let you know as soon as the details are confirmed, but we are excited.

Are you a Financial member? Annual General Meeting and committee roles

The AGM will probably take place on the last weekend of February, depending on the timing of the above event. As less than half the people on our Newsletter list are financial members, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to join as a financial member, as otherwise you are unable to participate in deciding on the future of WMNEE.

We would also really like some members outside Armidale to put their hand up to consider taking on a Committee position, as the Coordinating Committee at the moment is very Armidale-centric. Role descriptions for Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer are available for anybody considering future involvement. Just contact us on to express interest.
Restrictions permitting, the AGM may be timed to allow for some social activity, so members can have the opportunity to meet other members, somewhere in the middle of the Electorate.

Christmas Kitchen Table Conversations

With more people getting together over the next few months, why not take the opportunity to conduct a KTC with your family and friends? Instead of family Christmas arguments, try the KTC approach and you might find out some interesting views from the relatives you thought you had nothing in common with! Bar Finch the KTC Co-ordinator will assist, just let her know by contacting her through

Each month we will provide a brief picture of someone involved in the Group, and this month it is Helen Cameron

Member Spotlight — Helen Cameron

Helen Cameron

My name is Helen Cameron and I live in Tamworth with my husband and two children. I was born and raised on a beef cattle property and feel a strong connection to country and the rural way of life.

I was interested in the What Matters New England movement as an opportunity for deeper reflection of what truly matters to us and how this is represented through the democratic process. I have been inspired by the Kitchen Table Conversations Process and the thought provoking viewpoints and empowerment that comes from listening to other people. The energy from each conversation is truly exciting and energising as people share, think and grow.

I am deeply concerned for the climate crisis and our disconnection from nature, caring for ourselves and our neighbours in the pursuit of short term profits and endless growth. I am hopeful a more robust democratic process would see greater integrity, compassion and diverse representation of the deep issues we are facing as a society.

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